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The storm rages around the ship as you weave between rocks and reefs. Just as you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you see the ominous dark shape of a rival vessel break through the fog.

Ahoy me hearties!

Scourge o' the Seven pits ye an' yer mates against one another in a desperate attempt to coerce yer ships through treacherous seas in order to defeat yer opponents an' escape.

Usin' templates to govern yer movement, an' wrestlin' with a storm that will forever want to point ye in the wrong directions, get yer cannons aimed true an' blast yer enemies to the locker.

entry to OnePageRules 5th (and possible last) game jam. The theme bein' "Design by Subtraction". An interestin' one, an' forced me to focus on just one mechanic without washin' it out with other complicated systems. So me focus be sailin'. An' no easy sailin' either, this here be a rough storm an' rock filled hell!

I 'ope ye like me entry, an' if ye don't... well... to Davey with ye.


Scourge of the Seven - OPR Game Jam 5.pdf 902 kB

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