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Sure, there was some collateral damage along the way… the tavern probably won’t recover, and that damnable rogue ran off with the money pot. But that cheating kettle-chewer “Wizard” won’t be bothering you again. Now to find the next tavern to win back those losses!

Epic Wizard Brawl Apocalypse (working title, but I just went with it) is a 2 player versus game where you balance casting spells and pursuing maximum damage while managing the dangerous Aetheric influence that occurs when pushing your arcane power to its limits. Your Wizard is angry at the opponent’s Wizard and more than willing to risk the horrific forces of the Aether to win the fight. Alongside your trusty minions, on a tiny battlefield (you’re in a pub), you must outsmart and out spell your opponent to conquer them.

Created over a 2 day period for OPR Game Jam 4. I spent the night before cooking ideas in my head and taking notes, and once the theme for the jam was released I proceeded to toss all of that work out and start fresh! Haha! 

"Redesigning Failure" is a fantastic theme where we can look at weak mechanics in other games and make them more fun. For me, spell casting in miniature games was always so black and white. You either did all the damage, or you did none. Personally this feels lacking. Would a trained Wizard really struggle with turning an ork cultist into a cloud of atomised blood dust?? No, I don't think so.

So here is my silly version of what that could look like mechanically. Spell casters that will continue to draw from magical energy until they successfully cast the spell they're manifesting. Of course, doing so has it's drawbacks, including demonic possession. But it's all part of the fun!

Printable PDF available with really rushed art so you can give it a try straight away.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my game, please leave any feedback below!


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